Cheese Lunch Pie

What Miss Reeve’s Recipe said:

The Recipe

The Recipe

6oz short crust Line a deep plate 2 sliced leeks or onions 4-6oz sliced cheese 2oz chopped bacon Seasoning Mustard made with  vinegar
Arrange the filling in layers. Plenty of mustard! Cover with pastry top Glaze and bake.


An individual slice

I used bought pastry. I rolled it very thinly as I assumed that ‘line a deep plate’ meant line it with half of the pastry so that the other half could be the ‘cover with pastry top’. I used parmesan and grated it. I used unsmoked back bacon. I used french mustard, ready-made. I glazed the top with semi-skimmed milk. I garnished it with coriander which made a really good addition to the range of tastes. I baked it at 180 Fan assisted for 30 minutes. I didn’t take into account pastry shrinkage so have not put a picture of the whole pie before cutting as the top of the pastry had separated from the bottom…. Must work out why!


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