Tabasco Fish Pie

What Miss Reeve’s Recipe says:

Tabasco Fish Pie Recipe

Tabasco Fish Pie Recipe

1/2 lb cooked cod 2lbs of potato – ready for piping 1/2 pt coating sauce using cod liquor 2 oz cheese (shrimps – 1 tblsp white wine) Tabasco Sauce 6 small firm tomatoes
Flavour sauce with cheese and wine and tabasco. Add fish to sauce. Spread greased au gratin dish with about 1/2 potato Spread over the fish mixture. Pipe to top.  Fill spaces with 1/2 tomatoes. Bake top of quick oven 30 mins.
Tabasco Fish Pie as cooked

Tabasco Fish Pie as cooked


I cooked the fish in milk.  This became the cod liquor.  I wasn’t sure what a coating consistency was (apparently it should be sufficiently thick to coat the back of a spoon but not sufficiently runny to roll off the spoon!)  I merely added some cornflour to a quarter of a glass of wine, mixed and added that to the milk which I had used to cook the fish. I didn’t add shrimp. I didn’t have any tomatoes so just added some parsley from the garden to give it colour.  VERY tasty and easy to make.  The tabasco really gives it a kick without detracting from the fish taste.


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