Aunt Em’s Savoury Pud

Aunt Em's Savoury Pudding (with greens and cheese)

What Miss Reeve’s recipe said:



Savoury Pud

1 large or 2 medium eggs 1 large cooked chopped onion Parsley, thyme and sage 2 oz flour 1 oz br (brown?) breadcrumbs 1 oz oats 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/3 pt milk and water
1 1/4 oz smoking fat 400 deg F for 3/4 – 1 hour


Aunt Em's Savoury Pudding as baked

How many does it serve? As a stand-alone dish, it would serve 3 people probably, with additional vegetable accompaniments.  As an accompaniment itself, probably 4-6 people. What type of flour? I found it made no difference whether I used self-raising or plain flour. Which seems odd… What type of smoking ‘fat’? I used olive oil but I am sure that, given the types of fat available at the time, lard might have been used. How is it put together – in a lined tin? in a bowl so that it is pudding shaped? I made it in a short flat dish.  You might need it to cook for longer if in a pudding bowl I guess.  You could make it into little ‘dough ball’ shapes. In essence, I treat it like a yorkshire pudding – without the puffiness!

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