For that post-flu/virus-like feeling…

You know what it is like – you’ve had the flu (not the bad cold flu but the real ‘I am dying’ flu) and it has knocked you out for weeks.

You are well enough to work, well enough to do the chores you haven’t done, well enough to cook. But – what to cook? Nothing in the frig is attractive – not the healthy green veggies, the fresh fruit,  the juices etc.

I came across these recipes and thought I would give them a go – not necessarily all in one evening although you could have starter, main and drink if you want!

Boston Eggs for simplicity but also because they feel stodgy and stodge is good when recovering;  Tabasco Fish Pie because of the peppery taste and it is so nice to taste something; and then wash it down with the ginger punch to settle the stomach if the eggs and the tabasco fish are just too much!

Let me know what you think…


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