Easter, Mutton, Flowers and Ginger

Miss Reeve was always a great one for ‘making the table look appropriate’ – whether that be using the correct crockery and cutlery for the occasion, or cutting flowers from the garden as a centrepiece.  So my centrepiece was prepared:

Easter chick and the flowers

Easter chick and the flowers

The narcissi and hellebores are from our garden, along with the greenery.  The tulips were bought.

The hallway had its own little garden display:

Easter day daffodils in the hallway

Easter day daffodils in the hallway

The fire was lit in the living room. Although we did actually spend some time during the afternoon in the conservatory when the sun came out.  The conservatory is old, falling down, inefficient and cold but when the sun shines it could almost warm the whole house.

Easter day living room fire

Easter day living room fire

In the meantime, the mutton was cooking. I had put it into the oven at 9pm the night before so that it would be ready for lunchtime on Easter Sunday.  Only at 100 degrees.  It practically fell off the bone.  I rarely get the full taste of meat these days – all so bland from quickly grown animals pumped full of lord knows what.  We got this from the Blackface Meat Company.  From their stock of 5 year old mutton.  Really worth it.

Easter shoulder of lamb

So which of Miss Reeve’s Recipes did we have to accompany the Mutton, mashed potato with leeks (from the garden), gravy and, for pudding, chocolate meringue cake?

Something sharp was needed to counteract the meat which could have been very fatty.  So we went for the Ginger Punch.  The recipe is here.  I have updated the recipe having made it to make a few suggestions for those who don’t like their ginger drinks too sweet.

Ginger punch

Ginger punch

All in all, a good day!   The ginger punch came in quite handy as well for that ‘eaten too much, drunk too much’ feeling too…


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