A book, some chicken and a tale of steamed seedlings

Yesterday was a good day work-wise. I rushed out of the house by 7am on my way to what turned out to be a successful all day meeting.  I returned in glorious sunshine.  Great for the hot water, courtesy of the solar panels.

And my latest acquisition (a book The Self Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson) had arrived ready for me to pick up, read, learn and be inspired!  (To the amusement of my husband who grew up on a dairy farm on the wilds of Exmoor.)

Self Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson

Self Sufficiency Bible by Simon Dawson

And then I entered the conservatory.  Which had been closed all day. And there, in their little propogators, were my seedlings – steamed by the double glazed heating of the conservatory and then their own propogator heat.  Disaster.

A few seedlings survived...

A few seedlings survived…

But most didn’t.

Most had gone

Most had gone

What to do today about the situation?  Work first.  All day.

Then, this evening, food… Always a good restorer of the soul.

I had loads of fat left from the Easter Mutton.  I never throw anything away.  Fat is used.  Bones make stock.  And if you buy good meat, it lasts forever it feels like.  A little goes a long way.

So I coated some potatoes in a little of the mutton fat and roasted them.  Used the last of the frozen peas from last year’s veg patch.  And made one of Miss Reeve’s Recipes.  Using chicken from Heal Farm.

Here is the recipe:

Honeyed Chicken

Honeyed Chicken

4 chicken drumsticks, 2 oz butter, 4 oz onions finely chopped, 14oz tin tomatoes, 2 tbls Worcester Sauce, 1 tbl honey, S&P.

Combine onions, butter and tomatoes with W Sauce, honey and seasoning in a strong pan. Cook v gently 1/2 hour. Cook the drumsticks, brushing liberally with the sauce.  They take about 20 mins.  Serve with boiled rice. Garnish with tomatoes or mushrooms.

Even I can make this.  Very tasty. Very easy.  This is the second time I have made it. Here is how it turned out:

Honeyed chicken all done

Honeyed chicken all done

Energy, humour and a will to tackle the seedlings again restored by the food,  I turned to Plan B (I always have a Plan B).  I sewed some more seeds.  So, off we go again!  With a conscious effort now to be made when I am out of the house to make sure the lids are off the propogators!

Plan B seeds sewn!

Plan B seeds sewn!


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