Carrots, cakes and candles

Over the summer, the garden has delivered a superfluity of delights – not all perfect in form but all fabulous in taste. And carrots are no exception.  There were a fair few.  So I turned once more to Miss Reeve’s books and found her collection of old wartime recipes.    And there I found the Cheese & Carrot Flan.

Here is the recipe (very retro chic!):

Cheese and carrot flan leaflet

Cheese and carrot flan leaflet

And in my now well-practised way, I laid out all the ingredients in advance:

Continuing to try to be organised!

Continuing to try to be organised!

And the finished result (okay so it looks a tad like a map of somewhere but it tasted good!)

Cheese and Carrot flan from the top

For those of you who fancy trying it, here are the details (courtesy of the Ministry of Food leaflet):

Make the oatmeal pastry (mix 4 oz flour, with salt.  Rub in 1 1/2 oz fat, add 3 oz oatmeal, enough water to make a stiff dough).  Roll out the dough and line a flan ring, or sandwich tin.  Bake for 15 minutes.  Make the filling – chop 1/2 lb cooked carrots, place in the pastry case.  Melt 4 oz grated cheese in a saucepan, stir in blended flour and stock (1 table spoon flour and 1/2 pt vegetable stock or household milk.  Beat well until smooth.  Pour over the carrots and put back at the top of the oven until brown.

Much more ‘pristine’ in terms of appearance were the cakes and sandwiches laid out for the afternoon tea that my sisters and I held in honour of our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  The sun shone, the garden looked lovely and the food was laid out on a myriad of tea stands, cake stands and plates.  And tea pots, cups and saucers and tea plates abounded.




And, finally, to the candles in the title.  Twice over the past fortnight I have had the opportunity to practise some flower arranging, based on candles.

The first opportunity was the 50th wedding anniversary. My parents’ had, during their wedding in the 60s, used black candles in the centre of their wedding table.  Clearly something fashionable then!  And nothing I am sure to do with any satanic ritual!  So here is the table decoration which Mum’s friend Jill and I did for the table centres:


The second occasion was the gift of a beeswax candle – long and elegant and very prettily dappled.  At the risk of depriving the many bees which we have in the garden right now, I picked a few bee-friendly plants and flowers and here is the end result:

Beeswax candle arrangement

Overall, quite proud of both candles!


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