Tips from the Tops

A week of tips from others who are experienced chefs/cooks/bakers etc:

1. If you need topping for a pie, you don’t always have to use breadcrumbs. Use crushed cornflakes. Nice and crispy and a change from the usual.

2. If you don’t have/want to use potatoes for chips, use polenta.

3. If you haven’t got sausagemeat, but do have sausages, simply take the meat out of the casing and use as for sausagemeat. Might sound obvious but a surprising number of listeners to the conversation which mentioned it hadn’t thought of it.

4. Heat your milk before you add it to the mashed potato. Makes it much creamier.

5. Use parmesan if you are trying to lose weight. Stronger taste, use less of it than normal cheese.

6. Use olive oil (brushed on lightly) on your graters to achieve a smoother grate.

7. If you have an old lemon or lime, whizz it in the microwave for a minute and it will become softer and juicier and easier to squeeze.


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