Just when I thought the floral journey was over…

I have suddenly become interested in flowers – not just the growing thereof but also the arranging. My efforts vary…  And imagine my surprise when I was called ‘OCD’ when trying to ‘be random’ with my arrangements… I knew I like balance and symmetry but I did find it surprisingly hard to ‘go wild’ with a wreath!

My first taught efforts were on a Denman College Christmas flowers course.  I did the flowers for my niece’s wedding and those for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  But I have never been properly taught.  And therefore never properly critiqued!

The tutor’s wreath:

Beautiful and colourful.

Beautiful and colourful.



Vale of White Horse-20131123-00944

A little more ‘au naturel’!

My rather more ‘random’ attempt at something structured ready for Christmas

Black candles are apparently fashionable!

Black candles are apparently fashionable!


Vale of White Horse-20131123-00948

And the simplest of arrangements – a bauble filled with water, on a next of twigs, with an orchid in it – even I managed that well!

Aylesbury Vale-20131123-00951

And my efforts at home for the Christmas table

Looks a bit like a boat but I liked it!

Looks a bit like a boat but I liked it!


Then I did a little something for my neighbour (very forgiving they are!)


Christmas was over.  January arrived…  and I was a little sad once all the prettiness and glitter had disappeared but then…  An evening at a charity ball at the Dorchester saw me sitting on a table with the most beautiful flower arrangement in the middle.



Then there was a raffle…

And now look where my prize is!  Dining room table at home.


With wonderful glitter, beautiful flowers and the feeling that flower arranging with bright and cheerful contents is not quite over yet.



I know that there are some countries where the front doors have wreaths on all year, to match the seasons.  I may try that. No pressure then on my flower growing this year then!

Finally,  a walk in Sussex last December led to me to the best flowers of all – growing naturally in the hedgerows – all a glitter with the morning frost.



What could be more naturally beautiful.  No arranging.  No glittering.  No spraying.  Just plants growing where they will – as nature intended.









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