Simply cooking the colours

Mud. Endless brown mud. Rain. Dirty grimey rain. So, I decided, I want to cook colour.  Bring a bit of life back into the house. So I went for colour rather than taste but of course as we all know the foods with the brightest colours are often packed full of the tastiest experiences.

It started quite well – the sun was out and the sky was blue.  Nothing to do with my cooking of course but it was a good start to the day.


I have a soupmaker. Out it came.  Soup is the thing for wet windy miserable days.

Regular readers will also know that there are times that it is the paucity of ingredients that is my goal, avoiding endless lists of contents to go into whatever the end result is to be. For that reason I am VERY choosy about the cook books I buy and also the recipes I choose from the books left by Miss Reeve.  Hence I like to let you all see the ingredients, just to prove how hard I try to use simple recipes sometimes.  Sometimes quick and simple is what is needed.

Tomato and Onion Soup


Came from a rather old Woman’s Weekly Favourite Cookery book of Miss Reeve 1974 version.  You can tell from the design of the front page!

Woman's Weekly Favourite Cookery book

Recipe:  1 lb onions, 1.5lb tomatoes (not very seasonal I know!), 1.5 pints stock of water (I make my own – always have done), 4 tablespoons of cornflour and 4 tablespoons evaporated milk.  I couldn’t quite face adding evaporated  milk so I left that out!  In  my  soupmaker, I put chopped onions and tomatoes in with the stock and boiled and then simmered it all. I added just one tablespoon of cornflour as I don’t like it too thick.


Turned out rather well.


We had an equally colourful lunch too.


So, red/orange colours sorted. And very tasty those colours were!

I then decided to use up some leeks.  I made leek and potato soup – for green colour this time.

Leek and Potato Soup ingredients:


The making:

The soupmaker does it all!

The soupmaker does it all!

The end result – with a bit of blue added in to match the early morning sky!


Before I forget… the stock (always make your own – it is easy; even I can do it):

Bones (this is turkey stock so turkey from christmas – just a quarter of it it was so large);  herbs (I used bay leaves); peppercorns; potato; onions; carrots; celery; and anything else you like as a background flavour.  Cold water. Boil. Then simmer. I usually simmer stock for at least an hour.

Stock for soup

I added, you’ll notice, a red onion – in keeping with the cooking the colour theme.

So, quite a few colours of the rainbow, without a rainbow, all present and correct in just two soups. Not bad. Now I wonder what you can cook that is blue…  Maybe blueberries.


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