Finally… sensible recipe books for somebody like me!

I confess, I have loads of recipe books.  The fashionable (seen on the coffee tables of foodie friends) which contain recipes which take an age to make, let alone to find the ingredients.   The safe and comforting – I am of course thinking of Delia!  The old and interesting – mostly Miss Reeve’s going back to pre-war years.

Having come across the name Alice Waters, and read about her principles of growing and cooking, I realised I had come across the perfect person for me –  source food sustainably,  grow food well  and cook simply.  Perfect.



So I shall see how I go but I like the thought of making some of the meals already – normally I get as far as liking the finished meal photos and get no further once I see the ingredients, the methods and not forgetting the equipment…

Talking about equipment, I have also treated myself to a soup maker.  I love soups.  I used to use the ‘fry/heat in the saucepan’,  defrost the stock in the microwave (I make all my own stock),  and then place it all in the slow cooker.

Well this beautiful beast does the whole lot.


Watch this space on the soup front…


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