When the outside wakes up.

There are times when the outside beckons – sometimes in order to ‘bring some of the outside in’; at other times just to sit in the outside and appreciate it for what it is at this time of year.

It begins in early February – when what you planted last year suddenly springs up in places you don’t recall planting anything!


Or in places where you know for sure you didn’t plant anything so it is a thank you to Mother Nature for planning its positioning so well…


Then we have to think about ‘bringing the outside in’ – when special days require special flowers.  In my case, it has been Mother’s Day. Aside from the bright yellow flower in the centre, all these flowers are herbs and bits and pieces from the garden.

Mother's Day flowers

The centre piece for the Easter Sunday Lunch table.

Easter Table Centre 1

And not forgetting something for the office.

Early spring flowers

And very occasionally a treat for myself from myself!  I got these from the Great British Florist – beautiful.  And all come from the UK.  No shipping or flying required.

Flowers from me for me by Great British Flowers

And then, it becomes warm enough to go up into the hills and look at nature as it happens – naturally.  The picnic rucksack is packed…  The position for the picnic blanket located.

The Spring Picnic

And the dogs are ready too.

The Dogs are Liking the Spring Picnic

All in all, a floral time of year.  When nature really tells you it is time to wake up and get out there!

Even the Willow Tree is waking up now.

Even the Willow Tree is waking up now.

This year, I am planting flowers which are edible.  Watch this space as I try to introduce them into my cooking.  Miss Reeve had a beautiful flower garden. I shall have to look through her recipe books to see what she’d have thought of eating flowers!  More on that, then, later…



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