WI Kitchen Stories – two lovely ladies and their quest for the story behind the recipe.

I sat on a sofa, chatting away whilst my words were recorded by one person.  I sat on a sofa/in the garden/, chatting away whilst my photo was taken by another.  Did the ex-lawyer in me worry that my words were recorded? Did the ‘don’t take my photo ever’ person in me worry that my picture was taken? No. On both of those counts, for me, the fact that it didn’t, changed the attitude of a lifetime and that was awfully weird!

in the conservatory with Jessica

The reason for the words and the photo?  For a really wonderful book about the stories behind the favourite recipes of members of the Womens’s Institute. Yes – I am a member… More on that later!

The reason for not feeling uncomfortable with words or photos?  The two wonderful women who were interviewing/photographing me.  They focused on the story of Miss Reeve, and my dogs.  And the recipe of course!  No focus was on me.

We even went outside as the sun shone – it always does on the righteous of course.


I have become a member of the Women’s Institute.  Not just an Associate member – for those like me who cannot make regular meetings. As an Associate, I had no ‘home’ place – just the lovely Denman College (referred to in previous blogs: here and here and numerous other places!) where I met women young and old who were Full and Associate Members.  I decided it would be nice, when I could, to attend regular local meetings, so I have become a Full Member.  Wendover Evening WI is where you will find me (work permitting) once a month during the evening.  Full of women of all ages.  I think I may be one of the younger ones.  In years, not in attitude though – stick a load of women in a room together and there will always be laughter and a sense of fun, regardless of age.  I have learnt a lot.  Laughed a lot. Made new friends. It has been very rewarding.

Anyway – to the point of this blog. I saw a request via WI related twitter/social media feeds to share the story behind a favourite recipe, responded and I was all ready to meet the lovely Louise and Jess.  They are young. Energetic. Vibrant. Friendly and Very Very Talented.  Both are WI members.  Both have been associated with the WI through their day jobs.

Here is their website for this project – WI Kitchen Stories: take a look!

Here is Louise’s website for her photographs generally: take a look!

Aren’t they great?

Jessica and Louise arrived at my chaotic house, dogs barking, chosen recipe food ready. We chatted.  The idea to compile a book of recipes but, more importantly, the story behind the recipes, has been theirs for a while.  Whilst the WI supports it,  the WI has an agreement with a  publisher to do something more ‘official’.  These two young women have decided to press ahead  – to put their own commitment, resources, energy and talent into a book.   It will be eloquently written, beautifully photographed, and the stories behind each recipe brought to life.

As for my recipe, wait and see…  As I explained how to make the recipe, I caught myself feeling just ever so slightly capable!

In the meantime, I turned the tables and took pics of them! Clearly the quality of my photographs leave a lot to be desired…


If you have a story behind a recipe that you’d like to share, do contact these two fab ladies at wikitchenstories@gmail.co.uk.




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