Time – getting wasted with a chicken…

‘Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted’ – apparently so said John Lennon!  And I have in the past few weeks wasted a lot of time but enjoyed it thoroughly. Instead of blogging I have wasted it on…

3 of the 6

3 of the 6

Chickens!  (And bees but that is another blog for another time.)

Always wanted some. Now got some.  So a plentiful supply of eggs for my recipes.

Eggs a plenty - 5 a day!

Eggs a plenty – 5 a day!

It is amazing how much time can go by just watching a chicken chasing a fly.  And counting the eggs all neatly dated and sorted and ready to be used in a recipe or given to friends and family.  We have 6 chickens – producing 5 eggs a day between them so far.

I like to keep them fit and busy even when I am not – hence…

Chicken gym!

Chicken gym!


I am a simple cook as you know – good ingredients,  sourced from somebody I know,  to produce simple but tasty food.  Having eggs means all of that. And somehow the knowledge that my chickens give them to us makes the whole meal and day seem lovely.

The other morning is a case in point.  Up early on a weekend (the body clock still goes off at 5.30 as it does during the week!) and cleaned out their coop.

All cleaned out.

All cleaned out.


Took the dogs for a walk in the Chiltern Hills.

Through the gate into...

Through the gate into…


A beautiful morning up in the hills.

A beautiful morning up in the hills.

One took a morning dip!

Getting in was okay...

Getting in was okay…


Came home.  Decided to have brunch outside.  Set the table all nicely as you do at the weekend when the sun is shining.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

And made scrambled eggs on toast for him

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

And a colourful omlette for me.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

(Taken with my new camera phone – a great camera on it.  But that is another story also about time wasting!)

So – I will scout around for quite a few egg recipes from now on. I think I shall need them!  And I might even blog a little more frequently too…  Except for the fact that it is the bees’ turn next to have some time wasted on them!



2 thoughts on “Time – getting wasted with a chicken…

  1. Lovely ladies for a lovely lady! If you ever need a pattern to knit your girls jackets, I’m your gal…. Cheers, Kath

    • Thanks Kath! I just wonder how to get a tape measure around them for long enough to get the measurements for a fashionably snug fit… I was telling somebody about you the other day and they refused to believe anyone could be clever enough to knit a jacket for a chicken. I was able to tell ’em about you!

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