Yes – I do try to grow what I eat…

‘Surely you don’t grow your own veggies?’ said somebody to me the other day. ‘Aren’t you too young for that?’.  Well, if 48 years old is too young, then yes I am!

About 5 years ago I (or rather the husband) dug up the front lawn into 3 square beds (rotating vegetables) and 1 orange bed (for fruits).  And last year I planted in between them 3 apple trees and a plum tree.

This is the front area:

WP_20140625_005 (1)

And here:

WP_20140625_006 (1)

It has not been good this year. I think I left it too late as I have been so busy at work.  I grow my own from seed and supplement with plugs.  Seed comes from   Real Seed Catalogue   and supplements come from Rocket Gardens.  I highly recommend them both.

Peas have been dreadful.

WP_20140625_014 (1)

Beans slow but not so bad.

WP_20140625_015 (1)

I like the colour of the marigolds which I use to edge the beds. Just as summer ends, I have enough!

Broad beans still not great but at least growth is upwards! A bit like the economy…

WP_20140625_013 (1)

Cabbages which survived the winter are doing really well – intermingling with the Borage which I allow to grow where it will – the bees love it. And you can freeze it in water cubes ready for adding to sparky summer cocktails!

WP_20140625_010 (1)

I have a few herbs dotted in the round gravel area and amongs the flowers which surround the area.


The rosemary is supposed to help the roses avoid black spot…Not sure that’s quite working.  The little stone cricket man seems to be waiting for it to work too.

WP_20140625_018 (1)


These herbs, flowers and things that have made themselves at home in the gravel all seem content!

WP_20140625_017 (1)


And I have a few salad greens and spring onions etc. outside the kitchen window, with some of my (many this year) tomato plants.


I have some smaller seedlings outside waiting to grow a little more before I try to find a space in the front garden for them.

WP_20140625_021 (1)

And even more inside but that is for another blog!


And of course, we have the chickens which give us our eggs.

WP_20140625_030 (1)

My bees await a nice home somewhere away from our garden (the situation for them in this garden just isn’t right).

Occasionally I do get the chance to sit down whilst contemplating the slowness of the growth!

WP_20140625_024 (1)

So yes. I do try to grow what I eat. Mind you, if we were relying on my efforts alone, it would be a very lean year for food!


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