When you are too tired to cook…

It all comes down to a bit of prep at the weekend.  Like most of you who are kind enough to read this blog and my meanderings, I work full time – running my own business I work VERY full time!  So at the weekend I do a menu plan and I don’t have to think about what to cook each day once that’s done.

However, I do know that on occasions what looked lovely at the weekend is just too much prep during the week so…

                    Prepare in advance. 
                 Expect and plan for the 
'what was I thinking planning to cook that tonight...'

I cook potatoes at the weekend so they are cold in the fridge for the week ahead.  I usually also cook either a chicken (weird having chickens as well outside in the garden but we don’t eat ours!) or a piece of fish or some meat that can be kept, cooked, in the fridge.  And salad is made and put in tupperwares for the week/veggies steamed ready for microwaving.  I know – very organised.  But you have to be don’t you?

Then, I come home, I put the pre-cooked whatever I choose in the dish, cover it with a white sauce (milk and cornflour which I either mix and heat there and then or I may use some I have made before), some cheese if we have any (usually do – husband is addicted to it…) and then top it with the potatoes. All done in advance and I then just stick it all in the oven. Not for long (you know me – time has no meaning! Check it after 15 minutes though.)

Et voila!


This evening – chicken. Tastes good too – just add herbs of your choice. Salad or veggies or both.

And, if it has been one of those days, have one of these!




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