When soup isn’t just soup… and when it involves a ‘liaison’!

Miss Reeve’s recipe books don’t just contain recipes.  There are all sorts of definitions of (usually complex) cooking concepts. Complex at least for me!

Apparently, there is a ‘trade classification of soups’…

1. Broths.  Liquid with enough finely diced vegs to thicken it. Scotch broth, Minestrone.

2. Puree.  Enough veg. Puree to thicken it. No added liaison. (No added what???  I had to look it up…. A mixture of egg yolks and heavy cream to thicken a sauce – get me and  my knowledge!!).  Potato, split pea, lentil, potato and leek.

3. Cream.  (a) bechamel foundation (b) Roux at the base.

4. Veloute.  Natural stock with a liaison of eggs and cream. it may have a garniture (Here we go again… an embellishment, so I guess that means something added to make it look pretty).  ie. Hollandaise.

5. Foreign.  (How very 50s!). Oxtail, kidney, muligitawny, borsch, game soups, bisques.

6. Consomme.  Any clarified soup even if clouded later by the vegetable garnish.

So – there you have it. And I thought it was enough just to call soup, soup!

Trade clarification of soups



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