Cheating for some sunshine

Regular kind readers of this blog will recall my efforts at making marmalade ‘properly’ earlier this year.

Last week, it rained.  It was gloomy.  I felt I needed a bit of sunshine.  So….

I fetched my cheat’s marmalade kit…

My jars (washed and placed in the oven at very low temperature),


Marmalade-ready tin of oranges (I know but Autumn is hardly the season for seville oranges nor was I in the mood for peeling…),

I bought this from Lakeland.

I bought this from Lakeland.


Looks just like gloopy oranges – which is in fact all that it is:


This was medium cut. If you don’t like bits,  you can get tins of shredless.

My nice new pan




And lots and lots of sugar (I followed the recipe on the tin and it just said sugar so I shoved in all the sugar we had… a mix of caster, golden, preserving… all to make up to the required amount!)

It is very simple. Mix the contents of the tin with the sugar, stirring constantly and bring to the boil.


You can either use the flake test (see my other post about doing marmalade properly…) or use a thermometer.  Which I did. 105 deg C is what you are looking for. Do NOT accidentally put the thermometer in the washing up bowl with the other bits and pieces.. (Yes. I did.)

As it bubbles, put a nob of butter in the pan and it disperses the scummy bits.

Leave it for about 20 minutes. Then pour into the jars. Leave about 1/4 inch of air at the top.  If you are using already used lids, add waxed discs on top.If new lids, no need.




And there you have it – instant sunshine on a gloomy day.



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