The mighty onglet

You may know it as a feather steak, thick skirt, or some other name. In France it is known as Onglet.  My taste buds didn’t really care what it was called – it was tender and tasty. It used to be known as the butcher’s choice. I can see why. They know what is what, do butchers.

I hadn’t cooked it before. I picked it up as one of my ‘testing cuts’ from Terrick Farm.


So – what to do with it? No bone. Some fat (good – always means it will be tasty). I was told it was to be cooked quickly as it is a tender cut – not much muscle in the area of the cattle from where it comes.

First, assess it.  And cut it.  I cut it ACROSS the grain. Yes, like material in sewing classes, you need to know where the grain lies. This means it will be less tough.


I thought I would marinade it in a tiny bit of wine. Not enough to lose the taste of the meat. Just a smidgin’.


Then just fry it in a tiny amount of butter.  Salt and pepper it.  Add the marinade at the end so you make use of that lovely wine.


Mashed potato. Nice greens.


Fabulous taste. And nothing like the cost of cuts sold as ‘steak’ yet super tasty and just as tender cooked quickly.

Onglet. I shall remember that mighty meaty tasty cut.


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