A matter of the heart

I have never cooked heart. Never eaten it either.  A visit to Terrick Beef (I love those visits. I learn a lot about meat, different cuts etc) provided me with… heart.  Ox heart.

I do know that the heart is a muscle – well used. Very little fat.  Or at least as far as cattle are concerned anyway.  Probably can’t say the same for my own!

These are sheep hearts.



This is ready-cut ox heart.  It is very tender to cut up. Make sure you cut out any arteries. There isn’t much fat and I decided to keep it as the fat I always feel keeps the flavour in.  Many folk say it is the flavour.


I wasn’t sure what to eat with it but I do know that it has a strong taste so I added garlic, pepper,  leeks, onions and carrots.  Also some soy sauce, some red wine and a bit of water. And rosemary.  Basically, just add the flavour combinations that you love the first time you try something. That way even if you don’t like the ingredient you are new to, you may at least like the rest!

I cooked it at 180C (fan assisted) and then turned it down after 20 minutes to about 120C. And I just left it simmering in the casserole dish for about an hour or so.


It was very tender. It smelt wonderful (when you have dogs in a house you tend to focus quite a bit on aromas!) And very tasty.  A little like liver but not quite as strong.  With a similar consistency. I will cook it again.



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