New Year, New Focus, New Paths.


It is New Year. 2015. Who’d have thought it. Suffice it to say, this is the year when the description of this blog as ‘a 40 something year old woman’ will have to change to ‘a 50 year old woman’.  A gate opens into who knows what for another year, another decade.  What path will we each take in our cooking journeys?

Through the gate into...

Through the gate into…

This blog, this year, has a number of different areas on which to focus each month – and you can hold me to that!  Hopefully each entry will introduce us to something new,  make us think about something we already know,  have a go at something that we may not ordinarily try.   Each month, I will focus on:

1. A book that I recommend (from Miss Reeves’ library or from my own) and the reasons why;

2. A website, podcast, radio or telly programme that I recommend and the reasons why;

3. A theme for the month – usually based on something topical or seasonal;

4. From Miss Reeve’s recipes, something ‘Simple & Tasty’;

5. From Miss Reeve’s recipes, something ‘Cheap and Nutritious’;

6. From Miss Reeve’s recipes, something a little advanced in order to test some baking/cooking skills (testing mine – not necessarily yours! You may all be far more adept than I at baking and cooking).

You can keep up via this blog, via the Facebook page, or via twitter – whatever suits you best. And do enter into the fray with me and have a go at whatever we are looking at, attempting to cook or skills development. And let me know how you get on.


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Focus, New Paths.

  1. May I wish you a Happy Birthday for whenever it is this year! Being 5 years ahead of you, I can safely say that 50 is quite young really! I look forward to following the blog this coming year and, with luck, will see you at Denman too. Heather x

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