Eat with the eyes…

I tend to eat with my eyes. By which I mean that if it doesn’t look fabulously colourful, I find it hard to eat!  Stews,  curries,  ‘brown’ dishes of food always have a little bit of something colourful added in my house.  Regardless of the taste sometimes!

That is why I love this time of year. The garden veggie patches give me so much colour. And even, as is often the case with my growing prowess, if I have to buy vegetables, everybody else has a superfluity of colourfulness from which to choose.

The other evening, I was very tired.  The thought of preparing something for supper was not a great one.  But…

I just picked out the cheeriest of colours for the salad.

Simple food. Magnificent colour.

Simple food. Magnificent colour.

And made the cheeriest of stir fries for the main.  Prawns (I love the way they go from grey to pink as they cook – very clever. Okay basic cookery but clever all the same).  Orange carrots.  Creamy green courgettes.  Bright green peas.  Purple onions.  Golden orange honey.  Brown coriander seeds.  Great flavours too. Fresh vegetables. And I love the texture of only-partly-crushed coriander seeds.

Great colour. Great flavour.

Great colour. Great flavour.

I felt nicely rejuvenated after that.  Eating with the eyes.  Or cooking with the eyes first.  A great rule.



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