Sometimes MY books turn up trumps – recommended for July

As regular kind readers of this blog will know, none of Miss Reeve’s own recipes contain instructions.  And many of her purchased recipe books don’t either. I guess writers of cookery books, and Miss Reeve, assumed that the reader would have had basic training in techniques at school, as was indeed the case when I was at school.  What they did not count on was people like me forgetting much of what was learnt in cookery lessons at school or never having been taught techniques at all.

So I am forever trying to work out HOW to do things… I do that by going to places like Denman College (more on my latest visit soon) OR I have a go – fail, and fail and eventually succeed. Useful to fail first  as we all learn (or at least I do) better when we fail but it does take up much of my time to get it right!

Recently I have rediscovered some of my old cookery books.  This series of books is excellent – and rather than  have a recommended book this month – I recommend a series. The Good Cook/Techniques and Recipes series were collectable and I must have collected a fair few!  By Time-Life Books. Mine are all (c) 1983.  So I reckon I must have begun to buy them just after I left school.

A superfluity of books!

A superfluity of books!

They show you techniques:

I love a step by step approach to learning - and in colour!

I love a step by step approach to learning – and in colour!


And also have recipes at the back, in order for you to use the techniques:

and not too many ingredients...

and not too many ingredients…


You can find out more about them here on Wikipedia.  So – just by revisiting my own book collection,  I can manage some of Miss Reeve’s recipes a little better!  And get them right a little sooner…


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