Sometimes it is the senses that prove to be the best ingredients

It was a rather sunny afternoon.  Beautiful in fact.  It felt warm.  A sense of well-being was the first ingredient of the day.  And warmth on the skin (but not sun. I always avoid the sun!).  Kettle style BBQ was set up.


I had a new knife sharpener.  I have to say I do love the feeling of scraping a knife back and forth through a sharpener. Not quite old-school blackboard and finger nails feeling though.


Having been on one of the as-always-excellent Denman College courses, I had improved my knife skills significantly. The excellent World Street Food course with Peter Lien. showed me how to use a knife correctly, efficiently, effectively and safely!  I had sharpened not just my knives but also the wonderfully ancient ones from Miss Reeve.  So out came a chicken for chopping – not one of my hens I hasten to add!  (Somebody who reads this blog asked me about my hens. Here is their Facebook page. They are clever hens and produce ‘The Daily Egg’ every weekday!)


I had just cut a few roses.  They smelt wonderful. I don’t see the point in having roses with no scent – something rose developers and growers might consider…  There they were on the side.  And the limes,  sunflower oil, rosemary and vinegar seemed to just fit beautifully with them…  An invigorating stimulation for the eyes.  And glass containers with sun reflected on them are so satisfying to look at, I always think.


The rosemary seemed even greener when placed on the  BBQ with the chicken.  And the aroma was mouth-watering. I love to touch rosemary. Not sure why but it does have that nice crispness across your fingers!


Inspired by this book (one of mine – see previous blog),


with its well-shot colourful photos of ideas


we ended up with a dish full of both colour and flavour.



And all senses stimulated during the making of it!



One thought on “Sometimes it is the senses that prove to be the best ingredients

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