The second half begins…!

It’s been a while.  And readers with attention to detail will notice there has been a change in the heading of this blog. Yes, folks, I have turned 50. And in wonderful style.

For the past year I have been doing something each month to test my senses!  In particular, some events have had a foodie focus. One,a celebratory weekend with friends in Marrakesh where we took part in a cookery lesson. Another, a trip to Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons.

I thought I’d share both with you over the next couple of blogs.

First, to Marrakesh. To Riad Zam Zam. A truly wonderful place about which I have blogged before.  This time, we took over the Riad and a few of us took part in a cookery lesson. The ingredients were fresh, colourful and very tasty. And produced tasty meals. Wonderful salads: aubergine salad; carrot salad; courgette salad; and pepper salad. We also made briouattes wth cheese (which were fabulously tasty – cheese in filo parcels). And the chicken with sweet oranges really was something in terms of taste. And learning from a chef who spoke little English so that we learnt via a mixture of French and English was really fun.

Here are some photos of us having a go…

Learning perfectly!

Learning perfectly!


And of what we made!



And here we are ready to taste our efforts:


All in all, a beautiful stay in a wonderful riad with more cookery skills learnt. What could be better as a way to start off my second half century.



And here I am with one of my sisters all dolled up ready for the party.


At which the wonderful food continued. Happy Birthday, Me, Say I!



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