A coffee ditty or two

I am not really a lover of coffee. I always think it tastes like cigarette ash – not that I really know what that tastes like!

However, in training as I am with friends for this year’s Ride the Night again, we all had coffee after our training cycle. I then wondered whether Miss Reeve’s had anything in her recipe books which might tell me something about coffee and how to make it well!

This is what I found:

Her writing gets me every time!

Her writing gets me every time!

It seems, if I read her writing correctly, to be two little poetic odes to what coffee and Irish coffee should be like followed by a recipe for Irish Coffee. I expect these are not her words, she probably copied them, so if anybody can fill in the blanks, feel free!

Talleyrand’s [?] recipe:-

Black as the devil

Hot as hell

Pure as an angel

Sweet as love

Irish Coffee

CREAM  Rich as an Irish brogue

COFFEE Strong as a friendly hand

SUGAR Sweet as the tongue of a rogue

WHISKEY Smooth as the [?] of the land


Heat a stemmed whiskey goblet, pour in one jigger [ apparently a measure or small glass of spirits or wine] of Irish whiskey, the only whiskey with the full body and smooth taste needed.  add a cube of sugar, Fill to within 1″of brim with strong black coffee.  Stir to dissolve sugar.  Top off with lightly whipped cream. Do not stir. Drink through the cream.

Personally, I may go for the Irish Coffee, rather than the non-alcoholic, every time! Depending on the time of day of course… And especially after training for the 100km overnight cycle ride!


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