Marmalade Purists – look away now!

Or you may just wish to scroll to the end of this post for some very interesting marmalade recipes from Miss Reeve’s own books!

But if you can bear to read about marmalade ‘cheating’, read on!  I have in the past, made marmalade ‘properly’. With all of the chopping, slicing, scraping, cutting, wiping away that making marmalade from scratch entails. And I have enjoyed it.  And found it nicely therapeutic.

But sometimes time does not allow starting from scratch. And other times, I just cannot be bothered with it all! But I do still want marmalade with contents that I have monitored! I am not much of a marmalade lover myself but my husband is. So I do still have to have a fair few jars in the cupboard. When I run out, I do sometimes cheat….

So – this year. I used a tin of the pulp! Yes, it does exist.  It was recommended as a short cut a few years ago when I attended a marmalade course at the WI Cookery School. We were taught ‘properly’ but, and this is what I love about some cookery teachers, there was an acknowledgement that you can sometimes use short cuts.   Here is the blog I wrote after my course – it’s about how to do it properly of course!

I like that – I avoid any cooking or baking ‘purists’. With the world undergoing such dangerous times, I am not going to let not having the right oranges, sugar, equipment send me into despair.  A bit of perspective about life is what is important and I have seen and read articles by so many for whom not doing things ‘properly’ is a disaster that I constantly wonder ‘is it just me or have folk got things a tad awry these days?’

Anyway – I recommend cheating sometimes!

I took my trusty pot


I opened the tin of ready made pulp (that is all that is in there so just what I would have made anyway)



I opened some sugar. I didn’t have ‘perfect’ sugar for marmalade so I ended up with a blend of caster and granulated.


I let it bubble away as usual for the amount of time recommended on the tin. I tested it (I use the wrinkle test as well as the flake test) and it seemed ready.

Lids in boiled water,  jars in the oven…


WP_20160116_011 WP_20160116_012

In it went.  Very pretty too!  7 jars.  Tastes good too – even if I did have to take the rind out. I hate the rind!



So all in all pretty good.


I am not sure if Miss Reeve would approve of my cheating.  She was a perfectionist but also a pragmatist.  She always surprised me with what she approved of.   I think she would have approved of my ‘just get on with it based on what you’ve got in the cupboard approach’.

In the meantime, here are some of Miss Reeve’s recommended recipes that she used to make.  Have a go!





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