Mincemeat delight in February!

I don’t like mince pies. But I do like mincemeat – or rather the making of it. Which means that I make loads of mincemeat in October and then just a few mince pies (for my husband and guests) at Christmas time.  Thereby leaving me with a superfluity of the stuff in the new year!

I know some folk leave their left over mincemeat for  next year’s use but, given my love of making the stuff, that would just deprive me of the wonderful smells and textures and stirrings and adding of alcohol for the next year…

I don’t like Christmas Cake either as I don’t like fruit cake. But, oddly, I guess because it is so much lighter, I do like this recipe as a Christmas Cake alternative.

I just happened to be sifting through yet another shoebox of Miss Reeve’s typewritten/handwritten notes of recipes and found what seemed to be rather a good way to use up my mincemeat.  The writing was a tad wobbly and I couldn’t tell where the recipe was taken from either. I have typed it out, including the comments at the end as to having it with cheese etc (unlikely to be Miss Reeve’s comment as she never makes personal comments of taste like that!) and apologies for not crediting the recipe writer on this one.

Here is the recipe:


You can see it is a well-used recipe. Apologies for the grubbiness!

I like a recipe which has basic ingredients and as few as possible of them.  Laid out, looks wonderfully simple. And it is.


Even better, it tastes fabulous. Very moist.


If you want a crunchy top and outside, cook it for the time suggested in the recipe. I tend to cook it that way but I know that some folk like their cakes a little less ‘brown’, in which case take about 5 to 10 minutes off the recipe.  It means your cake is much more moist too.


So if you are a leftover mincemeat person, try it. Hope you like it.




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