Cool fizz!

When one of those, sadly occasional only, really hot days arrives, I get out my favourite ‘drinks’ book. I have mentioned it before.  It is Artisan Drinks by Lindy Wildsmith.  I also use it all year round but it really inspires me with summer drinks. It is beautifully presented, very practical and gives a range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ideas.


Other times, I just use my own inspiration.  I have one of those fizzy drinks makers – sadly disappointing compared to how quickly the machine ‘fizzed’ the water when I was young and our Mum bought one. However, it does the trick and fizziness abounds eventually!

Today, it was quite hot (sadly not so sunny…) and I had been in the garden so…

Fizzy water, lots of ice, a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime.  And then, to finish it off, some beautiful blue borage flowers. I grow loads of borage in the garden for the bees. Or perhaps I should say that the borage grows itself – wherever it likes!


Very refreshing.  And now, back to the garden…



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