Frozen fruit cocktail – who knew?!

So very 70s – that long hot summer day,  the tins of fruit sitting on the shelf, including evaporated milk…  And then I opened up one of Miss Reeve’s recipe books and lo and behold out popped a frozen fruit cocktail recipe.  Why not, thought I. It is hot. I have to use up some tins (I rarely have any but just occasionally a tin of fruit appears from somewhere)  and I was in one of those moods where you say ‘wherever the page opens, I shall make the recipe’. Luckily for me nothing too daunting appeared where the page opened!

This is what the recipe says (and here’s the photo to prove it really is a recipe!):


Mix together contents of 16 oz can crushed pineapple, 1/2 pint canned orange juice, 1/2 pint grapefruit juice, 2 oz caster sugar, 1/2 pint ginger ale. Pour into an ice cream tray. Freeze. Spoon into glass dishes and garnish with mint.

I had to adapt!  I had a couple of tins of fruit, two cans of ginger beer. The ginger beer gives it a real tang. And some fresh single cream. And I don’t have an ice cream tray (whatever that is). So I used an old ice cream tub.  All very easy to make. I froze it.  I added the cream – which froze on contact. A bit like those old sauces in the 80s (time travelling here) which did so as well. To give you thick chocolate! Oh and I added some herbs – fresh mint on this occasion.


Tinned peaches and tinned grapefruit. Very 70s!

Tinned peaches and tinned grapefruit. Very 70s!

Here is what I will change when I make it again – for make it again I shall.

  1. I think I will cut the fruit pieces up small.  And then mix it all (except the cream).
  2. I will put the mixture into the small ice cube trays.  This is because it was so frozen it was almost impossible to cut!
  3. I will probably use less of the liquid that comes in the tins with the fruit and more of the ginger beer as the fizziness made it quite soft in parts – but of course not soft enough everywhere. As I have said, tricky to cut!
  4. Or I might replace the ginger beer with prosecco or Babycham (to be truly 70s!) but I do have to say that the ginger beer was nicely tangy.

Anyway, here is what it looks like ‘as per recipe – adapted…’


It tasted really delicious. Very refreshing. Took me back to the 70s. Although not the fashion of course. Thankfully…



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