It’s August. So picnic we must!

I love picnics.  I love all the kit that comes with picnics even more. August for me is about – picnics. No matter what the weather, I will take my picnic kits and off I will go.  On my own or with friends.  And usually with a dog, or two, or three.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have picnic kits – plural.  Whilst the rest of this month’s entries will be about food for picnics, this entry is about – the kit!  A sort of trainspotting entry type I guess.

My best picnic set – from Fortnum and Mason.  A little heavy to say the least as it is full of china, not plastic. I wonder if I ought to have a man servant or two to carry it up the hills…


I bid for it at a silent auction. Luckily I was clearly the only sad person who enjoys a picnic as there wasn’t any competition. I won it.  It has china cups and saucers,  plates,  real cutlery,  glass tumblers etc.  A plastic container or two and plastic thermos flasks don’t even detract from the highly civilised rest of the contents of the hamper!  Indulge me whilst I show  you….



Then we have the ‘toddling about with a bottle of vino, some cheese and some crackers’  hamper at some posh social event….  A wicker basket.  A present from years ago.   Very ‘chic’ and stylish – clearly I let the hamper down as nobody would describe me as such!

So chic!

So chic!

Finally, my most useful set – for dog walking and lunches in the Chiltern Hills when I have an afternoon off.    A back pack type.  Can you see the dog Chuck in the background, head over the chair, dreaming of an afternoon in the hills?

Spot the dog!

Spot the dog!

Inside, the backpack has pockets (dog poo bags,  ipod,  mobile ‘phone),  a cool bag, a blanket,  plates, cutlery, glasses and even a (as yet unused) bottle opener.  For summer days in the sun with a book and 3 dogs.  Perfect.


And all of these picnic kits make me feel great even without the food in them!  More on the food later…  In the meantime, happy picnicking.


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