The ‘odd’ food combinations that work

Something happens in Autumn and caution is thrown to the wind in relation to putting ‘acceptable food combinations’ together. Perhaps it is the glut of veggies from the garden that need eating up, combined with the failures of certain veggies from the garden that I might usually use in a particular recipe or dish!  Or the need to make the house into a winter-ready place, akin to spring cleaning, which makes me clean out cupboards and use up certain things discovered.

Suffice it to say, I needed potatoes to go on a fish pie.  I love potatoes.  As AA Milne said: “What I say is that, if a man really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.”  So I must be a pretty sort of decent fellow woman… But, my potatoes this year from the garden were, shall we say, not of the best quality or quantity. But I did have loads of apples from our little trees (first fruit this year!) as well as some bought ones, as well as plenty of parsnips.  So… I collected them,  cooked them in water for about 5 minutes, strained them, mashed them, added S&P, and topped the fish with them.  Rather yummy.  A weird combination perhaps but it worked.


And then, having cleared out some cupboards,  I found some anchovies and some dates.  I added them to a beef casserole.  So a sort of sharp and sweet taste.  Really very nice. Even if I do say so myself.




These of course may be completely obvious flavour combinations to each of you. But  not to me! So – try your own weird and hitherto untried combinations.  Get that Autumn/Winter Devil May Care attitude ready.


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