Slow, low and very muttony mellow

There are times when peeling, chopping, cooking, basting, testing… is just all a bit too much. At those times, to my slow cooker I turn!  And usually a piece of mutton. Because mutton is wonderful when cooked slowly. Full of taste and delicious gorgeousness.

I have been quite focused on and inspired by a book I found in Miss Reeve’s books.  A French cookery book which, normally, I avoid. I don’t like the impression of trickiness, weird ingredients and endless stages that is usually gained when reading a ‘posh’ recipe book. And let’s face it those sort of posh books tend to be French!

But a great book called The Iris Syrett Cookery Book has given me inspiration. Because it says WHY things are done in a certain way.  And which herbs go well with which dishes. And how to adapt and vary away from the recipe – which I tend to do a lot!


Anyway, I shall leave you to find the book and see if you like it.  For the moment, suffice it to say that the range of herbs and ideas for sauces to go with a slow cooked piece of mutton were very well described in her book so I was able to adapt to what I had in the cupboard/herb garden.

I started with this…


I kept it in the slow cooker from morning until mid afternoon.  Then I took it out in all its juicy mellowness and cut it into smaller pieces. I thickened the juices a bit a la Iris Syrett, with various seasonings she suggested. Not at all fussy or posh!


Then, with the juices, I put the meat back into another dish in the oven just to crisp it up. With various veggies that I happened to have.   And some herbs.

Glorious colours.


And I ended up with a lovely slow cooked easy-to-make dinner.  French inspired.  And a very mellow feeling at the end of the day.





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