More, more, Moin Moin!

This is a completely new dish for me. Not something I have heard of before, despite having spent some years of my childhood in Africa. But that was East Africa. And Moin Moin is popular in West Africa.

I came across it at Aylesbury Market on their Foodie Friday day, which is where I have a culinary herb stall.  I tried it and loved it! And the people who cooked it for me told me I should try making my own, starting with a packet mix.

Made from black eyed beans, peppers and spices, it really is great as a snack or, as I have done, made as a light lunch with salad. So flavoursome. And you just steam it in the microwave for 4 minutes once you have mixed it with water.  And you could jazz it up to suit your own tastebuds too if you wanted.

So I have done!  Here is the packet mix.


Here is the final dish!


I love it. See if you can find some and try it yourself.




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